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Lock & Load 2019 - Monsterpocalypse 0
Lock & Load 2019 - Monsterpocalypse

Lock & Load 2019 - Monsterpocalypse

Hello everyone, 
Last, but not least... I've to cover spoiler and previous for Monsterpocalypse. I've a lot of good previews here. 

Also if I've missed something, then please leave a comment here so that everyone could enjoy those information! 

If you've missed my article from Lock and Load, then you can check it here: 

Lock & Load 2019 - Riot Quest, Warmachine Day 2-3, MiniCrate, Warcester Neo-Mechanika 

Keynot's Video

On Friday we've got chance to see preview for a lot of new models (more protectors, more destroyers etc.). All of them you can see below it this short video. It's really worth to watch! 


Monsterpocalypse Seminary

Next day there was organized special seminary and during it, there was presented a lot of new rules for future models. All of the spoilers, which I've include in this summary can be found  HERE


- Morphers will not be the same as they were in Monsterpocalypse 1.0 (Morphers were monster, who were morphed from 4 single special units) 
- This fall every faction should receive 3rd Monster and should be accompanied with new units. 
- Each model is designed so there won't be overlap models
- New rule - SALVAGE - eat debris to get power dice 
- There is possibility, that there will be unit, which will return debris to play
- Crush Hour rules will be deigned to separate competitive and casual play (there might be limit on actions on first monster turn); Community will have voice in this discussion to keep both variants balanced. 
- 2 new maps: one with 4 row of fundation in the center (hard to get across the center) and one with triple fountains in corners 
- There might be separate map moon with all the zones and where only units can be
- Next spring there might be a month with new building
- There will be card database with cards after errata
- Oz (main MonPoc designer) wants to prepare campaing mode (building a base and upgrading it with turrets or walls) 
- There will be only 2 agendas (only destroyers and protectors); maybe there will be some mercs
- Oz really doesn't want to add more "book keeping" so won't do objectives or scenario, maybe do achievement board (destroy 6 buildings, get bonus card etc)
- Plants new faction, been play tested a bunch but won't be out a while though cause production
- Next year: space dragons (protectors) and some sort of retro robots - time traveling soviets? (destroyers)
- Oz hopes it ends up with green fury finding and salvaging laser knight
- Keep world building loose so that players get to build their own narratives
- Clear models were weird experiment, really out of the blue for it, so up in the air on if anything else comes out


General Hondo [MONSTER] (concept art in video) 
White Dajan [MONSTER] (art in video) - steady; spaces around him are rough terrain 
Command Ape [UNIT] (concept art in video) blitz (spend a die to push unit next to him); he gives other models hit&run 
Bomber [UNIT] (concept art in video) - destablizer and devastation


Cyber Khan [MONSTER] (concept art in video) 
Gorghadratron [MONSTER] (concept art in video) - Flak field (returns all units touching this models to reserve), 7 health alpha and 4 hp hyper, Hyper form has a lot of guns with super damage and High Mobility
Mecha Zor-maxim [MONSTER] morpher -> special shinobots are turning into Mechamaxim; Playtest concepts include rocket launchers on his forearms and a missile-powered Swat with explosion trigger attached. 
Robo Brontox [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Carnitron [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Shinobot Gunner [UNIT] (concept art in video)
Shinobot [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Ubercorp Intenational Base [Building] (concept art in video) - ability to use every other building (cost one white and one red die) 
UCI Ape-bot [UNIT] - chain fists, reach, and a flak field
UCI tank [UNIT] - super basic, has hover (can end on water)


Guard design is, that it will be defensive faction with high resilience to shooting 
Nova Esr [MONSTER] (concept art in video) - faster, then other GUARD models, Multi-fire, but squisher then other monsters
Exo-Armor [UNIT] (concept art in video) - brawl unit, which can't be swat or stomp
Supertank [UNIT] (concept art in video) - non flight allies touching it get cover

Planet Eaters
Xaxor [MONSTER] (concept art in video) 
Scorcher [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Exterminatrix [UNIT] (concept art in video) 


Pteradactix [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Bellower [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Pteradax [MONSTER] (concept art in video) 

Martian Menace
Tharsis-5 [MONSTER] (concept art in video), ability that gives non flying Martian units repair
Harvester [UNIT] (concept art in video) while in play other models get +1 abduct
Reaper [UNIT] is going to be like a mini-Ares and have Manufacture

Lords of Cthul
Ulgoth [MONSTER] (concept art in video) - his rules are still designed, some pitches: placing a cthul model, when he is damaged or maybe he's heavy to be thrown (no boost die during throw) 

Savage Swarm
Xixorax [MONSTER] (concept art in video) - he will have better than normal rampages, because of his horns. 
Savage Swarm will be very swarmy once they are fully released, you’ll want lots of bugs in concept.

Elemental Champions
Incinerus [MONSTER] (concept art in video) Playtest concepts include: Incinerus being immune to hazards, and probably has some fire version of waterlogged, where they can set debris tiles ablaze.

Subterran Uprising
Mollock Brute [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Mollock Berserker [UNIT] (concept art in video) 
Blastikk [MONSTER] a two-headed mole with a chainsaw arm and a gun.

Subterran Uprising monsters used to be named as human-given names hyphenated with their mole name. Oz didn’t care much for this concept and has dropped the mole names.

Drillcon may not come back.

No rules have been developed for the Subterran Uprising base yet.

Green Fury
Sgt. titanica [MONSTER] (concept art in video) - will come out alongside blob blister unit; she can reroll every white dice on every attack in hyper and she has energy cycle 
Globicus [MONSTER] - splits into tow models, when is in hyper 

No current rules have been developed for the Tritons building.
- Tritons and moles are trickle factions, when leviathron comes out, will be released with eel and crab units
- Atlanteans will not be part of tritons, like green fury
He doesn’t like the idea of the Atlanteans and Tritons being part of one faction, so they’ll have their own faction later on like the Green Fury.

Shadow Sun Syndicate:

C-type Shinobis will be cargo. Someone just asked about Zor-Magna, he doesn't remember what she does… vaguely, ranged attack in alpha, maybe penetrator on it?



During the weekend Privateer Press has streamed 3 games from one of the tournaments (with only one monster). You can watch here last 3 games of this day: 

Single Monster-Quarterfinals


Single Monster-Semifinals


Single Monster-Finals


Hope you've enjoyed this summary. See you soon ;) 

Szymon 'Simon99' Ratka

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