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WM&H - Theme force Revised 0

WM&H - Oblivion's spoilers 

Hello everyone, 

Around Gencon we will receive a lot of revised theme forces and rules for Warmachine & Hordes. We've learned it during Lock&Load's keynote (you can check it HERE) and since then we've received some spoiler. We want to prepare each week summary, where you can track latest spoilers and news it this topic. I want to thank Herudaio for helping me with gathering all the data. 

CURRENT UPDATE: 18.07.2019 




Oblivion update will introduce us to new Requistion system, which will be used in all theme forces instead of benefits "For every full XXX points get a free solo, unit attachment etc." 
When you're building a new lists in themes you will receive 1, 2 or 3 Requistion Options (RO) for free. Amount for available Requisiton Options will depend on game size: 
- 25 points games will receive 1 RO,
- 50 points games will receive 2 RO,
- 75 points games will receive 3 RO. 
So Right now for example when I play 75 points Will Work for food I can choose to get free three feralgaists and two efaarit scouts. I can't choose three free efaarit scouts, because they have FA:2. I also can't choose one free feralgaist, because I need to take full requistion option, when I choose one.


- Terrain feature HILL is removed from the game, 
- Elevation rule is removed from the game;
- Warbeast pack rule is removed from the game and it will be swaped for existing models; 
- Shield Guard rule MAY be updated (now it will work on spray attacks, check full wording in Convergence of Cyriss section). Right now it still need to be confirmed, because there is some inconsistency between two themes. (UPDATED 07.07.2019)  SHIELD GUARD rule was confirmed to not be changed. It was confirmed by Will Hungerford, that previewed "Destructive Initiative" was having errors.
- Vast majority of theme force have those rules removed: ADVANCE MOVE, +2 DEPLOYMENT
- Themes will lose +1 to go first and getting replaced with re-roll for starting rolls. 
- "Carapace - This model gains +4 ARM against ranged attack rolls" This ability no longer effects free strikes
- Requisition options (RQ) allow you to take free models, but you can't have more models then Field Allowance of the unit. You also can't take RQ if you can't take all models from this option (for example you can't take 3 Reclaimer Gatekeeper as two RQ in Guardians of the Temple, because they have field FA:3 and you need always take two reclaimers as RQ. 
- Update is not a final one and not some changes will be done later if necessary : 

- "Lance" and "Man-sized" rules stays in the game unchanged

(UPDATE 17.07.2019)

- There won't be any new terrain features 
- Dynamic update will also include marrowan and other models from Oblivion's CID 
- Rule "Targeting a Model in Melee" during ranged/magic attack was changed. Right now if model don't hit a model with ranged/magic attack you don't have to roll if you will hit other combatant. Attack will completely miss. Still models in melee gain +4 DEF against ranged/magic attacks and can NOT be targeted by combined ranged attacks. 




- Models changed: 
- Hurricane 35 points (point cost reduced) 
- Stormwall 36 points (point cost reduced) 
- More potencial changes to small based Storm Knight units (point reduction etc.) 

- Heavy Metal

- Gravediggers



- Storm Division 

- Sons of the Tempest


Protectorate of Menoth

- Models changed:

- Judicator points cost was increased by 1 (35 points),
- Avatar points cost was decreased by 2 (18 points) and he can be included in at least 2 new theme forces. 

- Exemplar Interdiction

- The Creator's Might:

- The Faithful Masses:

- Guardians of the Temple:




- Models changed: 

- Kossites 6/10 points (point cost reduced)  
- Kommandos 10/15 points (point cost reduced) 

- Jaws of the Wolf

- Winter Guard Kommand



- Models changed: 

- Kraken -> 35 points (point cost is reduced)
- Sepulcher -> 34 points (point cost is reduced)
- Mortnebra 2's CMD is increased (9 -> 12)

- Scourge of the Broken Coast

- Dark Host

- Black Indurstries


- The Ghost Fleet

- Other changes
- Infernal machines and Black Industries will be combined together 


Retribution of Scyrah

- Models changed: 
- Probably no changes to any model 
- All character warjacks are available in at least on theme force

- Forges of TRIDENTS: 

- Defenders of Ios: 

- Forges of War: 

- Legions of Dawn: 

Convergence of Cyriss 

- Clockwork Legions

- Destruction Initiative


Crucible Guard 

- Models changed: 

- No points drop in Crucible Guard

- Prima Materia

- 2 tracers available as requistion option 

- Magnus Opus

- 2 tracers available as requistion option 



- Models changed: 

- No points drop in Infernals 



- Models changed: 

- Earthbreaker's point cost will be reduced

 - Opertating Theater

- Cepahlix Overlords won't be a requisition option in Operating Theater

- Hammer Strike

- The Irregulars

 - Llaelese Resistance

 - Soldiers of Fortune






- Models changed:

 - Trollkin Runeshapers' cost is reduced to 8 points
- Janissa still has an effect that gives +2 DEF against ranged /magic attacks and arcing fire
- 2 warbeasts will be changed (no more info currently) 
- Dhunia Archon will receive Shepard Call 
- Skinne will cost 3 points per model
- No changes for warlocks

- Kriel Company:


- The Power of Dhunia


Circle Orboros 

- Models changed: 

- Lord of the Feast's Raven is reduced to range 8 and Wurmblade's range is reduced to 1 inch (both numbers are speculations, but it was suggested during DevHangout 03.07.2019) 
- Druid of Orboros -> 10 points (point cost is reduced) 
- Mist Raiders won't be updated in this Dynamic Update


- The Devourer's Host

- Secret Master 

- The Wild Hunt


Legion of Everblight 

- Models changed:

- Stiders rangers receive Combined Ranged Attack
- Blight wasps are becoming lesser warbeasts (warbeasts pack is removed from the game)
- Blighted Nyss Legionnairs’ point costs reduced to 8/13 

- Primal Terror:

- Ravens of War:


 - Children of the Dragon:

 - Oracles of Annihilation:



- Models changed: 

- Cataphract Arcuarii 10/15 points (point cost reduced) 
- Cataphract Incindiarii  10/15 points (point cost reduced) 
- Tyrant Vorkesh - Gains Defensive Formation as a mini-feat

- Exalted:



- Disciples of Agonies: 


- Masters of War

- Molik Karn added 
- Requisition options:

  - One Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer unit
  - Skorne Command Attachment
  - Three Skorne Extoller Novitiate
  - Two Extoller Soulwards
  - One other small- or medium-based Skorne solo.

- Special rules: 

- Models disabled by a melee attack made by a Skorne warrior model in this army cannot make a Tough roll. When a model is boxed by a melee attack made by a Skorne warrior model in this army, you can choose to have the boxed model removed from play.


- Models changed: 

- Murder of Crows gain Ambush

- Dark Menagerie

- Bump in the Night



- Models changed: 

- War Hog don't have to force to use Aggression Dial
- War Hog 14 points (point cost reduced) 
- Road Hog don't have to force to use Full Boar
- Battle Boar don't have to force to use Adrenalize
- Gun Boar 8 points (point cost reduced) 
- Farrow Slaughterhousers 9 points (point cost reduced) and they will receive Relentless Charge
- Various Farrow warbeasts' point cost will be reduced

- Thornfall Allience: 

 - Army composition: 

  • Minion warlocks with the Farrow Warlock special rule
  • Arkadius
  • Midas
  • Non-character Farrow warbeasts
  • Efaarit models/units
  • Farrow units/solos
  • Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr
  • Alten Ashley
  • Brun Cragback & Lug
  • Dhunian Archon solos
  • Gudrun the Wanderer
  • Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress
  • Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger
  • Saxon Orrik
  • Scythe
  • Swamp Gobber Chef solos
  • Viktor Pendrake
  • Wolf with No Name
  • Meat Thresher battle engines

- Requisition options:

  • One Farrow weapon crew unit
  • One Minion command attachment
  • One Efaarit Scout solo
  • One small- or medium-based Minion solo without the Lesser Warlock special rule (Dhunian Archons will be available as free option)

 - Special rules: 

  • Farrow warbeast models gain Salvage. (When a warjack is destroyed while in the melee range of a model with Salvage, remove d6 damage points from the model with Salvage. If the destroyed warjack was a heavy warjack or a colossal, remove +3 additional damage points from the model with Salvage.)
  • Farrow warrior models in the army gain Rise. (If a model with Rise is knocked down at the beginning of your Maintenance Phase, it stands up.)
  • Before models are deployed at the start of the game, you can place two trench terrain features anywhere completely within 20˝ of the rear table edge of your deployment zone.

- Will work for Food:

UPDATE (16.07.2019)



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Here are some Hope, that you've enjoyed it ;) 
Please follow our fanpage QUALIGEEKS to  receive new updates ;) 


With regards, 

Szymon "Simon99" Ratka







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