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Privateer Press - Release Schedule February 2020 0
Privateer Press - Release Schedule February 2020

Release Schedule - Privateer Press February 2020


We've prepared for you this release schedule with all information available to us. If you're looking for release schedule for other months, then check our post with links to other months. 

You can find link HERE. 



Monsterpocalypse: Zor-Magna – Shadow Sun Monster (metal/resin)

PIP 51082 MSRP: $21.99

Zor-Magna gracefully wields bladed chakram, stepping through the carnage of the battlefield in an intricate but deadly dance. Unlike her fellow Zors, she has mastered the art of dealing death from a distance, unleashing from her chakram powerful energy blasts. And once she finds a target, she can unleash a constant barrage of merciless attacks. But make no mistake: though her dance is beautiful, she carries within her the iron will of all Shinobi.

TRADE POINTS: Zor-Magna is an offense monster that can be added to any Protectors force. She dances across the broken cityscape, a Death Blossom in her wake. Energy erupts from her chakram flying across the city, Penetrating defenses with ease. When she goes hyper, she displays her dazzling combat mastery through her inscrutable Focused Will.


Monsterpocalypse: Mecha-Maxim – Uber Corp International Monster (metal/resin)

PIP 51083 MSRP: $22.99

Mecha-Maxim is the culmination of the Uber Corp’s attempts scientists to combine the agility of the Shinobi with the devastating munitions of the vile corporation. Leading armies with dastardly tactics, he establishes advantageous scenarios in Uber Corp’s war for world domination.

TRADE POINTS: Mecha-Maxim is a support monster that can be added to any Destroyers force, constructed to lead the legion of robotic monstrosities of Uber Corp toward their goal of world domination. He acts as the Mastermind of their force, helping set up brilliant attack combinations. When he goes hyper, he Sprints across the battlefield firing Explosive missiles from wrist-mounted launchers, overwhelming disorganized defenders.


Monsterpocalypse: C-Type Shinobi and Shadow Rider – Shadow Sun Unit (metal)

PIP 51084 MSRP: $25.99


C-Type Shinobi (3)

Elite C-Type Shinobi (1)

Shadow Rider (1)

The enigmatic Shadow Sun Industries have yet again created new ways to use their growth technology with the C-Type Shinobi. These highly trained Shinobi wait to attack from inside interceptors before triggering their nanites, ambushing unsuspecting targets with powerful energy weapons.

Speeding on their hover bikes, shadow riders cut down their foes in a flash. In order to use their bikes to maximum effectiveness, they stunt their nanite-powered growth slightly, making them sleek killing machines. When coordinating their attacks with allies, they can take down even the most well-armored foes with their energized swords.

TRADE POINTS: This blister pack provides the third Shadow Sun Syndicate unit reinforcements for Protectors players. C-Type Shinobi use masterful deployment strategies to strike at the hearts of their enemies, waiting to strike with potent range weaponry from the Cargo chambers of their vehicles. And Shadow Riders race across crumbling cities, Flanking unsuspecting destroyers.


Monsterpocalypse: U-Tanks and AAApebot – Uber Corp International Unit (metal)

PIP 51085 MSRP: $27.99


U-Tanks (3)

Elite U-Tank (1)

AAApebot (1)

From the laboratories of the Uber Corp come more engines of destruction. In their attempt to make a match for the rock-steady G-Tank, they instead created something altogether unique. Gliding nearly silently with anti-gravity technology are the U-tank weapon platforms. Their massive cannons deal death and destruction to all would stop their constant advance.

The Anti-Air-Ape-Bot is a perverse facsimile of the warriors of the Empire of the Apes. They have been seen slinging their chain fists, ripping enemies from the skies. Standing triumphant over the wreckage of enemy fighters, they prepare to unleash a frenzied mass of chains to eradicate any remaining resistance.

TRADE POINTS: This blister pack provides the third Uber Corp International unit reinforcements for Destroyers players. A consistent low hum originates from the U-Tanks as they Hover over the battlefield, steadily claiming territory while advancing. AAApebots Reach toward the skies with devastating chain fists that rip




Riot Quest: Chuck Dogwood – Riot Quest Guard (metal)

PIP 63021 MSRP: $17.99

How much wood would Chuck Dogwood chuck if Chuck Dogwood could chuck wood? You’ll never know—because he’ll teleport your keister into the sun.

TRADE POINTS: Chuck is a Guard-class Hero who specializes in teleportation...just not with great accuracy. Like all Guards, Chuck can help provide Cover to other heroes in his Crew, but he can also Teleport them across the Arena to a random Treasure Beacon. Similarly, any enemy Chuck manages to hit with his staff is also teleported away to a random Beacon. So, if you’re looking for a hero who adds an aura of controlled unpredictability, Chuck is your man.


Riot Quest: The Terrorizer – Riot Quest Fighter (metal)

PIP 63022 MSRP: $17.99

What has four arms and wants revenge for a thousand years of suffering inflicted on his kind? Two smaller normal dudes…or this guy.

TRADE POINTS: The Terrorizer is a Fighter-class Hero packed to the gills with weapons. Capable of making both melee and ranged attacks in a single turn, this lil’ guy can lay down big hurt. Additionally, when an enemy super damages him, The Terrorizer’s rage makes them pay for their transgression.


Riot Quest: Helga on Wheels – Riot Quest Scout (metal/resin)

PIP 63023 MSRP: $34.99

Don’t ever tell Helga that she’s not fast ’cause then she’s gonna get real busy killin’ and maimin’ to prove to you that she is.

TRADE POINTS: Helga is a Scout class Hero who has unmatched mobility. As the only Hero capable of moving twice in one turn, Helga can burn rubber and speed through the Arena to land a nasty blow to enemies with her spiked bat.



Warmachine: Alain Runewood, Lord of Ash – Infernal Solo (metal)

PIP 38022 MSRP: $15.99

Once among Cygnar’s most noble and competent military commanders, Alain Runewood has forsaken his nation and his soul to enter the service of the infernals.

TRADE POINTS: Runewood has a host of Insidious Plans that enable the model to wreak havoc on enemy models. He can remove their Pathfinder advantages, allow for reactive movement, and Curse enemy models. Further, he is a competent combatant who adds +1 to the Infernal player’s starting game roll and a Marked Soul.


Warmachine: Nicia, Hound of the Abyss – Infernal Solo (metal)

PIP 38023 MSRP: $14.99

With a rage utterly unfettered by the constraints of humanity, Nicia has bound herself the infernal cause. A peerless killer, she stalks the battlefield, unleashing death and misery in her wake.

TRADE POINTS: Nicia is an incredible combat solo who packs a pair of Weapon Master melee attacks and a cannon that reaves souls for her Infernal Masters. A high SPD value, Acrobatics, Stealth, Parry, Quick Work, and Run & Gun make for an unpredictable threat that can weave her way past any opposition.


Warmachine: Hermit of Henge Hold – Mercenary Solo (metal)


PIP 41173 MSRP: $14.99

A mad Iosan prophet, the Hermit of Henge Hold is beset by visions of possible futures, many of them laced with horror and imminent destruction. The truth he perceives is invaluable to every denizen of the Iron Kingdoms—included the invading infernals. Whom and why he serves are secrets only he is privy to, though it is possible he doesn't even understand why. For now, he is committed to no one but serves as a messenger to everyone.

TRADE POINTS: Originally available only in the Oblivion boxed set, the Hermit of Henge Hold is now easier to add to any player’s army—regardless of Faction. The Hermit’s versatility in both offense and defense makes him a vital addition to any army, even the dreaded Infernals.


Warmachine: Prime Artificer Nemo & Arcane Mechaniks – Mercenary Battle Engine (metal/resin)


PIP 41174 MSRP: $109.99


Artificer Prime Nemo

Arcane Mechaniks (3)

Saved from certain death for an uncertain future, Nemo’s newfound purpose in life is to save humanity from the threat of the infernals. With his soul encapsulated in a machine designed by the Convergence, he is driven to escape with as many as he can, regardless of where they may find themselves when the end comes.

TRADE POINTS: As a battle engine, Nemo brings an astonishing amount of destruction and survival skills to the table. His abilities to return forces to a unit, level automatic hits against nearby enemies, and bring in a solo once per game combine with his devastating Thunderbolt and exceptional damage box count to give enemies pause before engaging him. Alongside his mechaniks—who not only repair construct models but give Nemo focus and dice control—Nemo is a force to be reckoned with.


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